What Do Santa Rosa Bats Use To Communicate With Each Other? Learn All About It!

A large colony of Santa Rosa bats has the capacity to cover the sky as they swarm out of their roosting cave at dusk. They are elegant flying mammals that have the aptitude to avoid collision by using echolocations. Additionally, based on the latest study that was published at the Scientific Reports bats are using a distinct language to communicate with each other. The research involves analyzing at least 15,000 unique sounds that has been produced by the Egyptian fruit bat.

Bats as a Social Wildlife Creature

Bats are known to be California social creatures that can survive at a maximum of 30 years. They will create a large colony and use their unique vocal technique to convey messages to the other bats. This is a habit that is similar to other mammals such as the dolphins and the monkey. Unfortunately, experts can only extract a small amount of information from the noise that they produce. The study has been executed in the bat cave in order to fully understand if the communication ability of the bats has a possibility to evolve. The experts have monitored the creatures in a periodic manner for around 75 days.

These Are Not Disharmonious Noises

Yossi Yovel, a neuroecologist from the Tel Aviv University, together with his colleagues, discovered that the bats are producing sounds that contain an array of information. This may include the identity of the bats that produce sound, their listener, and the circumstances of their communication. According to Yovel, the mixtures of sound that we often hear in the bat cave are not just random noises. The bats will fight and communicate about a range of topics which may include sleeping position, food, mating, and others. 

According to the research, the California bats have developed the capacity to produce unique sounds for every members of the colony. They also have different ways to greet their friends as well as their enemies. Based on the latest finding, the noise they created allowed the researchers to determine if the interaction will conclude in a bad or a good note.

The Bat Language Will Probably Show How Communication Evolve

The research showed that the social mammal is not just designed to create a single type of communication. They have the capacity to convey a huge amount of information that can give us an insight on how the communication has evolved. The group has managed to identify the source of the noise, the context of the message, and their response. 

The study also shows that the vocalization of the California bats will contain a wide range of information that can be detectable using the spectral properties. The group also hopes that their study will lead to a follow-up studies that will help us understand the evolution of the communication.

The bats are not just adept in using echolocation to avoid collision with the members of the Santa Rosa colony. The study shows that they have the capacity to convey different types of messages using a unique language. 

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