Can California Groundhogs be Pets? Do They Make Good Pets?

The large black eye of the Santa Rosa groundhog will be difficult to resist. They are furry and cuddly creature that you will find adorable. They usually live in the burrows and will enter a hibernation period during the cold months. You should not let the innocent appearance of the woodchuck fool you. They have a destructive nature that can decimate your vegetation in just a few hours.

Keeping the Groundhogs as Pets

While you may find them cute and lovable, you should think twice when keeping them as your California pet. This creature originally belongs in the wild and it will not be wise to keep them inside your house. Domesticating animal require thousands of years. Even the dog will show slight signs of being wild such as hunting the rodents and excessive chewing. Taking care of the woodchucks will be a laborious and demanding task. In case you decide to release it in the wild, it will not have enough skills to survive on its natural environment.

You Can' t Keep Them inside the Cage

The groundhog is the biggest animal in the family of Santa Rosa rodent. They can grow up to 65cm in terms of length and may weigh up to 9lbs. This means that it would be impossible to keep them inside a small cage. This will be inhumane since the creature will require an ample space in order to survive. You will need to give them enough space that they can use to explore.  

The Wild Habit of Woodchucks

Just like the different wildlife creatures, the California woodchucks will have some wild habits that will annoy the hell out of you. They have an incessant chewing habit. So if you are planning to keep them inside your house, you have to get used to the scratches, dents, and damages on your furniture. They will also chew on our carpets. They will nibble our drywalls that will expose the wires. Once they chew the wires, these can expose the livewires that can cause accidental fires or electrocution. They also have a persistent digging habit. Their nails are continuously growing and you will be responsible in trimming their nails to prevent them from scratching and digging on your stuff. They will also attack should they feel that they are being threatened. 

The Feeding Habit

The California woodchuck has a voracious appetite. Their usual day will include sleeping, digging, eating, and eating some more. They prefer to eat herbaceous plants, fruits, and vegetables. There are also times that they will eat insects. The amount of nutrients that they need cannot be replaced by the commercially-available products. 

Aside from the reasons that we mentioned above, you need to remember that keeping them as Santa Rosa pets is considered illegal. You will have to carry the necessary license and permits before you will be allowed to keep them. In case they are sick, looking for a veterinarian that can provide them with medical attention can be a problem. Their hibernating period can also be troublesome for the owner who lacks knowledge. 

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